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May 2012

May 9, 2012

Stepping back to take a look.

A comment was made in one of our men's bible studies recently that calls me to take a step back and reflect. One of our men (we'll call him Carlos) said this, "Of all the people who started out several years ago in our first months of meeting in the park on Sunday morning, the members of my family are the only ones still here."

The observation is both honest and accurate and was made by an individual who has shown strong leadership ability in the workplace and who is showing more and more the change of heart and the spiritual growth that one day soon will, by God's gifts, make him a great mentor and leader in Christ's church. Carlos also revealed that the way he is growing spiritually lately is affecting the way he deals with difficult people at work. "Before I used to fight fire with fire, but now God helps me treat my coworkers with His love at work inside me. I have the love of Christ in me even when I know someone is working against me."

The spirit of God is hand-crafting Carlos (and many others like him) into a strong man of faith who will continue to lead in the church and in his community. Seeing God at work like this in Carlos' life gives so much hope for what He already had planned for this community even before we came to join Him in starting the King of Kings Christian Church. Our God is so much more than a good architect and we consider it a privilege to be able to step back and take a look at what He's been doing, and it is good!

Please continue asking God to give good growth to His workers here in Mexico in the King of Kings Christian Church and in your local church.

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Request for Prayer
MCCA is in need of a Junior High/High School English teacher.  Please pray for God to send us an excellent teacher for our children. For further questions or interest contact Teri Hancock or visit the Mexico City Christian Academy website

Successful Outreach and New location for King of Kings Christian Church

Delighted!  That’s how we feel about the success of our most recent outreach event in the park at URBIvillas del Rey.  All of the planning and preparations had been made and the place was set up and ready on time (for us laid-back Mexicans that is saying something).  At the projected start time not many people had arrived.  We began our event with worship, singing, bible teaching, and prayer.  Once we had begun with our activities the people started showing up.  And they just kept on coming. We had so many people show up and saw so many new faces that we weren’t sure we would have enough food, prizes, and gifts for everyone.  But by God’s grace, we had just enough.  We didn’t have too much and we didn’t have too little.  It was just right. 

We praise God for the privilege of hosting our friends and neighbors and for the positive reception we received.  Our mantra as members of the King of Kings Church as we planned and prepared and then as we put our plans into practice was “to serve and to give”.  We invited all of our guests to participate in our other weekly events and to worship to following Sunday.  Most of our guests received an additional personal invite from one or more of our leaders. We are so proud of the King of Kings Christian Church for their vision and for their hard work.

May 2012
Leaders of King of Kings Christian Church

The leaders of the King of Kings Christian Church have launched into a new phase of their vision.  They want to continue growing.  As of May 1, 2012 they have rented a storefront property just outside the entrance of URBIvillas del Rey (the name of the neighborhood where we used to meet in the park).  This new “locale” will give them a more solid foothold into other parts of their community and they will not have a need to set up and take down the tents each week.  They have a location that is bigger and that has a larger kitchen as well as multiple rooms for weekly bible studies, events, and of course Sunday morning worship.  They are excited and have sought God’s leading every step of the way.  This is a huge step and commitment for them and is one that God (not the missionaries) has been in charge of from the beginning.  Please join the King of Kings Christian Church in praying for a great harvest as they eagerly launch into this new and exciting phase.