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April 2012

April 25, 2012

A Short Story of Purpose and Giftedness

A recent conversation with a member of King of Kings Christian Church went something like this:

Member: “There is a young couple I know who had a baby a few months ago and they seem to be having trouble adjusting lately and I think we can help them.  They live here in URBI.  I know the new mother is a believer although she is not part of a church but I don’t think the father is a Christian.  He seems like he might be willing to talk about Jesus and Salvation.  If you could lead him to Christ in the month or so you have left here in Mexico, then I can continue discipling him after that.”

Casey: “Can you witness to him and tell him how to become a follower of Jesus?”

Member: “I have never done that before.”

Casey: “Why don’t we both go visit and we can do it together?”

Member: “Okay. Yes.”

This is a sign of a healthy, caring, reproductive Christ follower.  This member sees himself as a follower of Christ and a fisher of men.  What I perceived in this conversation was a call for help and request for training thanks to the discernment granted by the Holy Spirit. 

Please pray for good roots to grow deeper and for good fruit to be produced in the final days of the Hancock’s involvement in the daily ministry of King of Kings Christian Church and for their continued faithfulness and growth as God leads them into His intended future.  We have a big outreach event this weekend (April 29).  Please ask God to help us plant lots of seed on good soil.

Thank you for your interest in and participation through prayer and giving to our shared ministry.  God is great!

Casey Hancock

CMF International Church Catalyst Missionary

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We Are Preparing for 2012-2013 Stateside Assignment.

The packing and cleaning house process has begun at the Hancock house.  We are starting to make physical preparations for our departure from Mexico the first week of June.  If you or your congregation would like to set up an appointment with us so that we can visit with you and present our ministry while we are in the states, we are currently in the process of filling our calendar with appointments.  In fact, we still have September dates open.   Email us at call us 513-277-0273.



One of the great joys of our ministry is to see the capability and confidence of our Mexican leaders who have stepped into the role of guides and are showing where to go and how to get there by their example.  Recently we had 3 more baptisms among the King of Kings Christian Church.  May God be praised for the teaching and awakening that continues to grab onto the lives of new people and the grace of God that brings salvation and transformation.


In the end of March Brent, Tina, Lucas and Savanna Newland visited us from Greencastle Christian Church in Indiana.  They came to help us with the children’s program at the annual Mexico Missionary Reunion.   We had a great trip to Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo where we were able to be spiritually renewed and enjoy a few days away from our daily routine and responsibilities.  While the Newland’s were here, we made good use of their gifts and abilities in teaching and preaching.  Brent led our adult worship and Tina shared a few magic tricks with a message with the King of Kings congregation.  We were blessed by these servants of Jesus and we are thankful for the protection and favor God granted us while they were here and when they returned.  We have a few pictures posted on that you can check out.

We continually thank God for the privilege we have of representing many U.S. churches and more importantly the Kingdom of God as we serve Him and His bride the church here in Mexico.  We gladly express our thanks to you for your partnership with us.  May God’s kingdom come and His will be done at this Resurrection season and each day we faithfully honor Jesus Christ and testify to His greatness.