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March 3, 2012

King of Kings Christian Church

Celebration after fasting
Rey de Reyes 2012

In 2012 the leadership of Rey de Reyes (King of Kings), coordinated a church-wide fast which culminated in the celebration feast and a prayer and worship time. Everyone was invited to participate voluntarily. Our prayers centered around spiritual warfare, growth, and renewal. Almost everyone who participated did so for the first time in their lives. Several asked when the next fast would take place. The proposal is to fast and pray in this way once per month. We are inspired and challenged by this mature expression of faith and commitment!

Since the fast and celebration we hear testimonies of victory all the time. Some of the victories:

Job promotion, people accepting God's gift of salvation, believers asking for baptism, life changes of obedience.
Praise the Savior!

While Teri and Casey continue to be involved in Bible Studies and ministries, leadership of all but one group has been given over to national leaders. It is a blessing to see the excitement and confidence of our brothers and sisters as some of them have grown into a leadership role for the first time. It is due to their readiness to obey Christ as a follower and as a fisher of men.

Missionary Reunion 2012

March 21-24 the Hancock's will be hosting a work group from the Children's minstry of the Greencastle Christian Chuch in Indiana made up of an entire family. Brent, Tina, Lucas, and Savanna Newland will be leading the children's portion of the 2012 Mexico Missionary Reunion. Tina and Brent will be helped in this venture by one of the moms from Rey de Reyes. Ester Diaz Ibarra will help in the children's MMR as well.

We will be heading to the state of Hidalgo for 3 1/2 days of spiritual renewal, fellowship, encouragement, and hopefully a little rest. Please pray for this special family renewal experience. Please pray for safe travel for the Newlands and for all the preparations that are being made.

We praise God for mature leaders.
Pray for growth and effective witness.
Pray for many new commitments and baptisms March 25