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Mexico Hancocks

Casey Teri Libby Corbin and Ian

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This is the page for Casey, Teri, Libby, Corbin, and Ian Hancock

Living North of Mexico City

We have started a new church just north of Mexico City proper.  We live in the State of Mexico just north of the Federal District.  We currently have Bible Study Groups (BSG's) in Huehuetoca and continue adding groups as people open their hearts and homes to Christ and His church.  Thousands of new homes are being constructed in this growing area and a new train line is being constructed to allow the people who live in Huehuetoca to ride the train into the Federal District to work.  

In Huehuetoca there are lots of new homes and too few churches.  Please continue praying for us as we meet new friends and start new BSG's.  Below is a photo of us with one of the families we are working with to start a new church.


Elizabeth and Corbin are enrolled in the Mexico City Christian Academy.  They enjoy their new friends and new school.  They are very glad that, Lord willing, they will be in the same school for the next three years. Thank you for your prayers for their transition and well-being.  Pray also for us to find a nice new puppy.

Elizabeth and Corbin ready to go to school

If you wish to send cards or letters you can send them to:
Paseo del Alba 12
Jardines del Alba
Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico 54750
We have an Ohio phone number which rings in our home in Mexico via internet. 
The number is (513) 277-0273
What Can You Pray For?
* Praise God that we live in a nice home in a safer neighborhood.
* Praise God for new Mexican friends and neigbors.
* Pray for our children as they grow and learn
* Pray for new Bible study groups to grow close to Christ.
* Praise God for connecting us with the Partners He has for us.

English to Spanish Translation

The Hancocks serve as a part of CMF's church-planting team in the state of Mexico.  Their primary ministry is to mentor, teach, and encourage both believers and newcomers to be involved in and grow through small groups ministry in Mexico's churches.  Casey and Teri are currently helping God start a new church in Huehuetoca, a community in the northern part of the State of Mexico.

The Hancocks have been given a wonderful opportunity to join in the work that God prepared in advance as He planned a new church in Huehuetoca.  A great work like this will only be accomplished as we remain faithful to God in prayer.  Please join us in praying that the work of raising up a new church will proceed without hindrance or limitation. 


Here are a few pictures of Casey's stained glass art projects.  In 2010 we will be adding a workshop teaching people the skill of stained glass artworking.  By doing this we can meet new people and offer something to the community.  When people come to our workshops, they can learn a new skill and we can make new friends and then we can introduce them to our best friend Jesus.  We will be teaching conversational English as well.