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     Tonja and Todd met at Lincoln Christian College. Their first date was on March 23,1990. Todd graduated from LCC with a bachelor degree in World Mission and Church Growth in 1992. Tonja graduated with a bachelor degree in World Mission in 1993. They were married on December 12,1992 in Morris, IL, Tonja's hometown. 
      They served in Youth Ministry at Antioch Church of Christ in Rossville, Il from 1993-94 and at Lake Ridge Christian Church in Paris, IL from 1994-2000. Their son Mitchell was born on May 26, 1996. Their daughter Mallory was born on October 16, 1998.
In September of 2000 they moved to Indianapolis to become Living Link Missionaries with Valley Mills Christian Church and served with them until they left for Mexico in August 2001.
     In the northern part of Mexico City the Hancocks worked alongside Iglesia Cristiana del Norte, then in their second term on the field, Todd and Tonja served with renewed enthusiasm for and understanding of many of the customs of the people in Mexico City.  They lived on the south side of the city in what is known as the Federal District.  Their ministry led them to assist the El Camino Christian Church. On May 11, 2008 Lizzet was born and almost a year later (April 2009) she came to live with the Hancocks and was adopted into their family in May of 2011.
     After  another time of furlough in the US, they returned to Mexico and began working in Cholula, Puebla planting the Mosaic church..
     The Hancocks anticipate their next furlough will probably begin the Summer of 2014.

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